• The ICFAI University,  Sikkim


Alumni Society

The University has established an Alumni Society. All students are required to seek membership in the society. The provisional membership in the alumni body entitles the students to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and local chapter activities organized by the society.

Alumni Speak

Ms Dawa Doma Bhutia, BBA – 2005-08

ICFAI made me to stand, gave me strength and confidence. I can proudly say that, I have done BBA and I am ex-student of ICFAI University, Sikkim.

I would like to thank all my teachers who supported me all the time. All the subjects were tough, but I got through with good marks. My tenure at ICFAI University was a rich learning experience. It gave me a chance to practically apply the knowledge that I had gained in my theory classes. Besides that, it provided me with a good corporate exposure and made me ready to face the challenges of the corporate world.

The curriculum of ICFAI is well compiled and designed to fulfill the requirements of the corporate world. The examples, case studies and class presentations are excellent and provide a rich wealth of knowledge about each and every details of the business world with reference to many well-known companies.

Lastly, dreams are high, but to achieve is difficult. Only continuous hard work and determination helps in achieving the desired dreams.

Mr Khagesh Agarwal, BBA – 2005-08

I was from the first batch of IUS (BBA-2005-08), and I would like to take this opportunity to share my experiences during the academic tenure. At the very onset, I must admit that the intellectual and knowledgeable pool of faculty members present at IUS is very hard to find at any college of the same level as that of IUS. Personally, the classroom discussions we had were of immense learning and helped me even during my post-graduation study. I always looked up to my faculty members of their esteemed guidance and support, and I believe, I did the correct thing as all my interactions and associations with them has led me to where I am today. In my MBA, I got my placements with DE Shaw, Hyderabad and I owe my success to all my friends, family, and more so, to my faculty members at IUS. I am much indebted to them for their guidance and support in all my endeavors.

To the junior batches, I have a sincere advice that they should not hesitate to clarify their doubts and stimulate creativity and knowledge in the classroom discussions, because you may sound a fool today but you will not remain a fool for the rest of your life. I wish the students all the luck for their future endeavors, and sincerely believe that IUS will soon have a mark of its own in the country.