Resources Facilities

Resources Facilities

Faculty Resources
The University plays a significant role in ensuring quality education through interactive teaching. The faculty brings their extensive knowledge, professional experience and advanced education to their task at the University. They are or have been practicing professionals and academicians drawn from industry and leading institutions. The commitment to teaching inspires their involvement with the students. Faculty members emphasize both theory and practice in the classrooms.

Computing Facilities
The University is equipped with the necessary latest hardware and software as well as infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all students and faculty. It is equipped with servers, multiple terminals, multiple operating systems enabling a client-server environment and Wi Fi enabled internet facility. High band-width internet connectivity is provided to both the students and the faculty to help them in their continuous search for knowledge with the help of world-wide web.
Library Facilities
The University has a well-stocked library which is being augmented regularly with books, periodicals, journals, magazines and other publications. Students have access to the finest collection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and text books.

Summer Projects
For all programs, summer projects are undertaken at the end of each academic year except for the last year. These projects are meant to help students appreciate the applications of knowledge in real time scenario. It increases their practical exposure.

Seminar and Presentations
Students participate in seminars on management topics and make presentations of the same in class. These are done under the guidance of the faculty members and hone the reading, summarizing and presentation and public oratory skills of the students apart from inculcating the reading habit in students.
Guest Lectures
Guest lectures play an important role in the developmental process of the students. Eminent academicians and practicing professionals are invited for guest lectures where students get an opportunity to interact closely with them and understand the practical applications of various management concepts and ideas.

Food & beverage Practical room:
To give the students a hands on experience on how an actual restaurant looks like and functions on daily basis

House Keeping Practical Class Room: To give the students a practical knowledge on how to make different kinds of bed folds according to the standard of a five star hotel along with all the amenities provided in a star hotel.