Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (Hons.) BA-LLB

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (Hons.) BA-LL.B

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Admission Calender for BA-LL.B(Hons.) Program
Last date for submission of duly completed Application Form along with Admission Fees & release of Provisional Admission Letters August 20, 2022
Registration with scrutiny of original certificates & Payment of First Semester Fee August 24, 2022
Commencement of Classes August 29, 2022

About the Program

Faculty of Law offers 5 years full time BA-LL.B (Hons.) and BBA-LL.B (Hons.) Programs which are approved by Bar Council of India (BCI).

    • Five years
    • Pass in 10+2 (any discipline) with 50% and above aggregate marks. Scores of Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the ICFAI Law School Admission Test (ILSAT 2021) will be given weightage. Students appearing for final examinations and awaiting results are also eligible for admission.
    • Applicants should not be more than 21 years of age as on the day of commencement of the program, ie., August 30, 2021
    • Note: Age restriction for Law Programs can be relaxed as per BCI guidelines

  • The curriculum is most contemporary and innovatively designed and developed in association with academicians and professional experts, and as per the guidelines of Bar Council of India. The programs are organized into ten semesters spread over five years. There are five legal internships after every year


    BA-LL.B (Honours)

    First Year




    English Language Skills

    AE 2

    Environmental Studies

    CC 1

    Approaches and Prospects of Social Sciences

    CC 4

    Constitutional Government in India

    CC 2

    Basic Principles of Political Theory- I

    CC 5

    Basic Principles of Political Theory- II

    CC 3

    Indian Political Thought- I

    CC 6

    Indian Political Thought-II

    GE 1

    General Elective I

    GE 2

    General Elective II

    LC 1


    LC 2

    Law of Torts and Consumer Law


    Second Year



    SE 1

    Introduction to computer

    CC 10

    Political Sociology

    CC 7

    Comparative Government and Politics

    CC 11

    Politics in India: Structures and Processes

    CC 8

    Global Politics

    CC 12

    Administration and Public Policy in India

    GE 4

    General Elective IV

    CC 9

    Public Administration: Concepts and Perspectives

    DE 2

    Discipline Elective I

    GE 3

    General Elective III

    DE 2

    Discipline Elective II

    LC 3

    Constitutional Law- I

    LC 4

    Constitutional Law- II


    Third Year




    Soft Skill

    LC 6

    Law of Special Contracts


    International Relations

    LC 7

    Land Laws

    CC 14

    Western Political Thought and Theory

    LC 8

    Company Law

    CC 15

    Human Rights

    LC 9

    Environmental Law

    DE 3

    Discipline Elective III

    LC 10

    Family Law-I

    DE 4

    Discipline Elective IV

    LC 2

    LC 5

    Law of General Contracts

    LC 11

    Indian Penal Code

    CL 1

    Clinical I-(Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance)

    CL 2

    Clinical II-(Moot court )


    Fourth Year



    LC 12

    Family Law-II

    LC 16

    Criminal Procedure Code

    LC 13

    Labour Law- I

    LC 17

    Property and Easement Law

    LC 14

    Law of Evidence

    LC 18

    Labour Law- II

    LC 15

    Civil Procedure Code

    LC 19

    Human Rights & Humanitarian Law


    Elective I

    LE 3

    Elective III

    LE 2

    Elective II

    LE 4

    Elective IV

    CL 3

    Clinical III(Professional Ethics)

    CL 4

    Clinical IV(ADR)


    Fifth Year



    LC 20

    Law of Taxation

    LC 22

    Administrative Law

    LC 21

    Public International Law

    LC 23

    Cyber Law

    LE 5

    Elective V

    LC 24

    Mediation with Conciliation

    HE 1

    Honors Course- I

    LE 6

    Elective VI

    HE 2

    Honors Course- II

    HE 5

    Honors Course- V

    HE 3

    Honors Course- III

    HE 6

    Honors Course- VI

    HE 4

    Honors Course- IV

    HE 7

    Honors Course- VII

    HE 8

    Honors Course- VIII

    Clinical Courses (CL): CL-1 Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance; CL-2 Moot Court; CL-3 Professional ethics; CL-4 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) AE-Ability Enhancement Course, GC-General Core Course, SE-Skill Enhancement Course, GE-General Elective Course, DE-Discipline Specific Course, CL-Clinical Course, LC-Law Core, LE-Law Electives, HE-Honours Electives The program structure is tentative, subject to change.

  • Students has to opt only one from each group below
    General Electives (GE) Discipline Specific Electives (DE)
    GE I DE I
    • Sociology
    • Political Geography
    • United Nations and Global Conflicts
    • Political Ideologies
    • Psychology
    • Education
    • India's Foreign Policy in Globalizing World
    • Development Process and Social Movements in Contemporary India
    • Intermediate Economics
    • Leadership and personality Development
    • Major Constitutions of the World
    • Major Issues in Contemporary Politics
    • Indian History
    • Language, Literature & Culture
    • Contemporary Political Economy
    • International Organization

    Law Component (A student has to opt for one among the options)
    Law Electives (LE)


    LE - I

    LE - II


    Citizenship & Emigration Law

    Competition Law


    Principles of Legislation

    Law of Bankruptcy & Insolvency


    Media Law

    Law of Infrastructure Development


    LE - III

    LE - IV


    White Collar Crimes

    Private International Law


    Criminal Psychology

    International Criminal Law & Criminal Court


    Comparative Criminal Law

    International Business Dispute Resolution


    LE - V

    LE - VI


    Farmers & Breeders’ Rights

    Law on Food Safety & Security


    Agriculture Lending & Rural Infrastructure Development

    NGOs & Law


    Law on Micro-Finance & Micro- Insurance In India

    Public Health Law

    Honors Courses

    Business Law

    International Law

    Intellectual Property Rights

    Law & Economics

    Law Relating to Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs)

    IPR Treaties & Conventions

    Law of Carriage, Transportation & Insurance

    Export, Import & Anti- Dumping Law

    Copyright Law

    Law of Mergers & Governance

    WTO & GATT

    Law of Patent

    International Contracts Law

    Maritime Law

    Law of Trademark & Service Mark

    Money Laundering

    Law of Aviation

    Traditional Knowledge, GI & Farmers' Rights

    Law of Foreign Trade & Exchange

    International Environment Law

    Special Intellectual Property

    E- Commerce and Law

    ILO & Labour Law

    IPR Valuation & Management

    International Banking Law

    International Criminal Law & Criminal Court

    IPR Protection & Technology


    1. Any of the Honors/Elective subjects may not be offered to the students if the teaching facility for such a subject is not


    1. No student shall be allowed to change his/ her Honors/Elective subject except during the first two weeks of

    commencement of the semester.