Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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Admission Calender for BBA Program
Last date for submission of duly completed Application Form along with Admission Fees & release of Provisional Admission Letters August 20, 2022
Registration with scrutiny of original certificates & Payment of First Semester Fee August 24, 2022
Commencement of Classes August 29, 2022

About the Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program is a campus based program offered with a view to impart in-depth knowledge and broad understanding of the basics of management. The program focuses on various areas of management and also equips the students to pursue MBA Program in due course or pursue professions commensurate with the degree

    • Three Years
    • Pass in 10+2 with aggregate of 50% and above (any discipline). Students awaiting their final examinations results can also apply.
  • The BBA Program consist of 31 courses covered in six semesters spread over three years including summer Internship after 4th semester. During 4th, 5th & 6th semesters, students are exposed to electives courses in their respective filed of specialization. The electives offered are marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance. The actual offering of electives will however, depend on optimal number of students opting for the same

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    First Year

    Semester I

    Semester II

    AE I

    English Language Skills

    AE 2

    Environmental Studies

    CC I

    Principles of Management

    CC 4

    Financial Accounting- II

    CC 2

    Quantitative Methods I

    CC 5

    Quantitative Methods- II

    CC 3

    Financial Accounting I

    CC 6

    Introduction to Marketing

    GE I

    General Elective I

    GE 2

    General Elective II

    Second Year

    Semester III

    Semester IV

    SE I

    Business Communication

    CC 10

    Project Management

    CC 7

    Organizational Behaviour

    CC 11

    Human Resource Management

    CC 8

    Financial Management

    CC 12

    Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

    CC 9

    Business Strategy

    GE 4

    General Elective IV

    GE 3

    General Elective III

    DE 1

    Discipline Elective I



    DE 2

    Discipline Elective II


    Summer Internship Program

    Third Year

    Semester V

    Semester VI

    SE 2

    Soft Skills

    SE 3

    Business research Methods

    CC 13

    Money, Banking & Financial Markets

    CC 15

    Business Law

    CC 14

    International Business

    CC 16

    Management Information System

    DE 3

    Discipline Elective III

    CC 17


    DE 4

    Discipline Elective IV

    DE 5

    Discipline Elective V

    The Program structure is tentative, subject to change.

  • Student has to opt only one from each group below

    General Electives (GE)

    Discipline Specific Electives (DE)

    GE I

    DE I

    Introduction to Computers
    Sociology I


    Money & Banking
    Recruitment, Selection & Training
    Advertising & Sales Promotion

    GE II

    DE II

    Operations Management
    Sociology II


    Financial Analysis & Reporting Compensation & Rewards Consumer Behaviour

    GE III

    DE III

    Principles of Economics Research Methodology


    Investment Management Recruitment Selection &Training Marketing Research

    GE IV

    DE IV

    Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
    Introductory Psychology


    Insurance & Risk management Human Resource Planning Services Marketing

    DE V


    Financial Services Performance management Sales Management

    AE-Ability Enhancement Course, CC-Core Course, SE-Skill Enhancement Course, GE-General Elective Course, DE-Discipline Specific Course, IN-Internship Course