Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Culinary Arts)

Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Culinary Arts)

About the Program

B.Sc (Culinary Arts) program provides insight into the art of preparation, cooking and presentation of food and prepares student for a career in the fast growing culinary field. It gives them the necessary skills, knowledge and exposure to the industry.

    • Four Years
  • Pass in 10+2 (any discipline) with aggregate marks 50% and above. Students awaiting their final examinations results can also apply.

  • The B.Sc (Culinary Arts) program consists of 27 courses. Students are additionally required to do 6 months of industrial training in the 5th semester. During each semester students are exposed to Electives which will enhance their skills. The actual offering of electives will however, depend on optimal number of students opting for the same.


    Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts

    First Year

    Semester I

    Semester II


    English Language Skills

    AE 2

    Environmental Studies

    CC 1

    Food Production I

    CC 4

    Food Production II

    CC 2

    Food and Beverage Service

    CC 5

    Grade Manger I: Art and Craft of Cold Kitchen

    CC 3

    Bakery I

    CC 6

    Bakery II

    GE I

    General Elective I

    GE II

    General Elective II

    Second Year

    Semester III

    Semester IV

    SE 1

    Soft Skills

    CC 10

    Food Production IV: Intro to Indian
    Cookery II

    CC 7

    Food Production III- Indian
    Cookery Part I

    CC 11

    Purchase and Cost Control

    CC 8

    Alcoholic Beverage

    CC 12

    Food Commodities

    CC 9

    Grade Manger II: Art and
    Craft of Cold Kitchen

    GE IV

    General Elective IV

    GE III

    General Elective III

    DE I

    Discipline Elective I



    DE II

    Discipline Elective II

    Third Year

    Semester V

    Semester VI






    Industrial Training

    SE 2

    Business Communication

    CC 13

    Food Production V

    CC 14

    Personality Development

    CC 15


    SE 3

    Foreign Language

    DE III

    Discipline Elective III

  • Students are encouraged to choose six courses from a list of elective. Elective course will be offered subject to an optimal number of students opting for the same elective.

    General Electives (GE)
    GE I DE I
    Application of Computer Bakery Management
    Principles of Management Culinary Management
    Food Science & Nutrition Food safety and Quality
    Marketing Management Retail Management
    Hotel Accounting Hotel Economics
    Guest Relationship Management Human Resource Management
    GE IV
    Food & Beverage Control
    Resort Homestay Management