Social Sciences

School of Social Sciences

School of Social Sciences is committed to provide quality education and training in the field of humanities & social sciences. It helps the students develop their comprehension of social sciences through their exposure to theoretical as well as empirical social constructs, field-based analysis and real life interaction.

The School offers career-oriented educational programs at Bachelor's and Master's level like BA English (Hons.), BA Economics (Hons.), BA Political Science (Hons.), BA Education (Hons.), MA English, MA Economics, MA Political Science & MA Education.



  • To provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education for students.
  • To facilitate students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices.
  • To provide students with stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere to utilize a higher level of their intellectual capacity, required to specialize in the respective areas of study.
  • To produce energetic, effective, efficient and ethical professionals to meet the desired needs of the dynamic world and serve the society.