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Resources Facilities

  • Faculty Resources
  • Computing Facilities
  • Library Facilities
  • Internship Projects
  • Seminar and Presentations
  • Guest Lectures
  • Soft Skills Lab
  • Moot Court
Faculty Resources

The University is committed to helping students enhance their domain effectiveness through achieving excellence in teaching and research. The faculty members bring their extensive knowledge, professional experience and advanced education to their task at the University. The faculty members have very good academic backgrounds and sound conceptual knowledge in their respective disciplines. The commitment to teaching shapes their involvement with the students. Faculty members emphasize both theory and practice in the classrooms. With dedicated and highly committed professional expertise the University has been imparting the best of knowledge to carve a niche for itself in the programmes offered. The objective of this University is to mould enterprising & bright youth into career-oriented and competent professionals View More

Computing Facilities

The University is equipped with the necessary latest hardware and software infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all students and faculty and the training needs of information technology related courses. It is equipped with servers and multiple terminals with multiple operating systems enabling a client-server environment. High band-width internet connectivity is provided to both the students and the faculty to help them in their continuous search for knowledge with the help of world-wide-web. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled for the benefit of students and faculty members. View More

Library Facilities

The University has a well-stocked library which is being augmented regularly with books, periodicals, journals, magazines and other publications. Students have access to the finest collection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and text books. View More

Internship Projects

For all programs, internship projects are undertaken either at the end of each academic year or during last semester. These projects are meant to help students appreciate the applications of knowledge in realtime scenario. It increases their practical exposure. View More

Seminar and Presentations

Students are participate in seminars on relevant topics and make presentations of the same in class. These are done under the guidance of the faculty members and hone the reading, summarizing and presentation and public oratory skills of the students apart from inculcating the reading habit in students. View More

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures play an important role in the developmental process of the students. Eminent academicians and practicing professionals are invited for guest lectures where students get an opportunity to interact closely with them and understand the practical applications of various management concepts and ideas. View More

Soft Skills Lab

At The ICFAI University Sikkim, we understand that academic excellence is just one aspect of a well-rounded education. That's why we've established the Soft Skills Lab, a dedicated space where students can enhance their communication abilities, teamwork skills, leadership qualities, and much more. Through interactive workshops, experiential learning activities, and personalized coaching, our expert instructors guide students in developing the soft skills that are crucial for thriving in their academic pursuits, future careers, and personal lives. Whether you're looking to polish your presentation skills, improve your time management, or strengthen your emotional intelligence, the Soft Skills Lab is here to support you every step of the way. View More

Moot Court

Step into the realm of legal advocacy and hone your courtroom skills at The ICFAI University Sikkim's esteemed Moot Court. Designed to simulate real-life legal proceedings, the Moot Court offers students a dynamic platform to apply their knowledge of law in a practical setting. Under the guidance of experienced faculty and legal professionals, participants engage in rigorous research, develop persuasive arguments, and present their cases before mock judges, sharpening their oral advocacy, critical thinking, and analytical abilities along the way. Whether you aspire to pursue a career in litigation, arbitration, or academia, the Moot Court experience equips you with the tools and confidence to excel in the legal profession. Join us at The ICFAI University Sikkim and embark on a journey of legal excellence through the immersive and enriching Moot Court program. View More

Library Basic Information at a Glance

  • The ICFAI University Library has a well-stocked book journals and periodicals and other publications.
  • Students have access to the finest collections of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and text books.
  • Library is fully automated with the help of SOUL 3.0(Software for University Libraries) developed by INFLIBNET (an inter University centre of U.G.C.).
  • To save the time of our library patrons, library is using barcode technology in circulation section for daily transactions of library books.

Library Timing

Library is open for all the students and faculty members from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm on all Working days & Saturdays.

Documents loan eligibility varies for different categories are given below.

User Category

Max. Number of documents allowed





Students UG


15 days

Students PG


20 days

Administrative staff



1 Total Number of Books 11,992
2 Total Number of Titles 3378
3 Weeding out 5728
4 Dissertations 194
5 Journals Print 30
6 Database Online 03
7 Magazines 07
8 Newspaper 04